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Ride to Cure

The JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes is an adventure of a lifetime. Riders from around the world take on two challenges: raising the critical money needed to fund the research that will cure diabetes and reaching a personal training goal that will prepare them for their destination cycling experience. Participants spend the weeks before the ride working with a USA Cycling certified coach and a JDRF fundraising coach to help them reach their goals. Be part of the team that moves us toward a cure with every mile pedaled and every dollar raised.

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2014 Ride to Cure Diabetes Dates

July 24-27 Burlington, VT
Aug. 14-17 Lacrosse, WI
Sept. 5-8 Lake Tahoe, CA
Oct. 16-19 Death Valley, CA
Oct. 30-Nov 2 Nashville, TN
Nov. 20-23 Tucson, AZ

National Ride Information

As a rider, you’ll commit to a fundraising minimum (packages start at $2,000) and in exchange, JDRF will provide you with local support, training and coaching during the months leading up to, as well as throughout, the JDRF Ride weekend. JDRF has created powerful online fundraising tools to make it easier for you to reach your goal, and your local JDRF chapter can help you with materials, ideas, and support.

Congratulations to the 2013 Southwest Ohio Ride to Cure Diabetes Team!

With 126 riders and over $550,000 fundraised, the 2013 Southwest Ohio Ride to Cure Diabetes Team accomplished two challenges: raising the critical money needed to fund the research for an end to type 1 diabetes (T1D) and reaching personal training goals to prepare for a destination cycling experience. They were the again the largest team in the country and also #1 fundraisers!

2013 Rider Recap
As riders gear up for this year’s ride season, it is time to reflect on the success from the 2013 mission.

Nashville, TN
The Nashville Ride to Cure was a record setter for the JDRF Southwest Ohio Chapter. The Southwest Ohio Chapter had the most participants with 82 riders and was the largest fundraising team, raising an astonishing $248,025. Hannah Vester was the second top fundraiser at $21,136. Hannah and fellow rider Nathan Denton won the prestigious Spirit Jersey.

Death Valley, CA
Jack Hughes was the top fundraiser with $60,000 and was presented with the prestigious Green Jersey. At the age of 86, Jack brought his motivational spirit to his fellow teammates. Due to the government shut down, the Death Valley Ride was postponed until 2014 or Riders could choose to ride in Tucson, AZ.

Tucson, AZ
Many outstanding accomplishments took place at the Tucson Ride to Cure Diabetes. Dick Roettker was the top fundraiser going into the ride and was presented the Green Jersey. Overall, James Englert was top fundraiser at the fundraising due date. Not far behind in fundraising accomplishments was Mike Bender, who was the third top fundraiser and also 2013 Cincinnatian of the Year Chair. Fellow rider and coach John Dallman received the Spirit Jersey, along with Sandy and Pete Chronis who received the Promise Jersey.

Lacrosse, WI
Eleven Riders rode in Lacrosse this year with four first time riders that have type 1 diabetes.

Free Spinning for Riders

Join the Southwest Ohio Ride to Cure team at Club 51 Fitness in Centerville, Ohio every week to jump-start your training. Thanks to our wonderful sponsor, Club 51 Fitness, JDRF riders are offered free classes.
Club 51 Fitness
51 E. Spring Valley Pike
Centerville, OH 45458

Free spinning classes:
Thursdays 7:30-8:30pm
Sundays 6:00-7:00pm


Improve Your Fundraising

Welcome to the JDRF Ride to Cure! Need some helpful fundraising hints? Take a look at these documents. If you would like more information, please contact Becky Gaible at 513-793-3223.

Video Fundraising Letter: How-To
Creating Awareness About Your Ride
Writing Your Fundraising Letter: Helpful Hints
Twitter For Fundraising
Blogging 101

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Coaches’ Bios

Jeff Denton

Jeff first got involved with the JDRF Ride to Cure after his wife Renee rode in Death Valley in 2005. Since then his oldest son Nathan, Type 1, has joined the team and so has his youngest son Preston. This year marks the third year as Coach for the South West Ohio Team. The key to a fun and productive ride is having a focus on your end goals, whether that is riding 100 miles or only 30 miles. As Coach Jeff helps his team by making sure each rider has a personalized experience with the main focus Finding a Cure. Cycling is a passion, helping others is a desire, finding a cure is the goal. Jeff believes that all roads lead to a cure, and the more miles we ride, the closer we get. 

Daniel Feldkamp (Lt. Dan)

There is nothing better than getting out with a passionate group of cyclists and exercising together while raising the funds and the awareness needed to someday cure Type 1 Diabetes. Daniel has had the privilege of cycling with the JDRF Ride to Cure since 2005, and 2012 will mark his third year of coaching. It is his goal as a coach for the Southwest Ohio Team to create a cycling experience that is fun, safe and keeps you coming back for more year after year. If your thinking about joining the Ride to Cure, his message is simple and the experience is unforgettable and the relationships are endless! Daniel is a proud father and stepfather to six wonderful children. His wife Karyn is very understanding and flexible about Daniel’s busy schedule, allowing him the time to spin his wheels with JDRF. Daniel is proud to say that his time with JDRF has rubbed off as his stepdaughter, Emily, will be joining him in LaCrosse this year, riding for her friend Lynzie Parks. As co-owner of Visual Edge Imaging, Daniel’s professional career allows him to create marketing solutions for small business, encompassing everything from brand awareness, print marketing, Web design and Web marketing, as well as photographic imaging and video production. Gear up!

Julie Roettker

Julie has coached the JDRF Ride to Cure team since 2010. Her husband/fellow JDRF rider has Type 1 diabetes, and they have ridden in Death Valley, Austin, Whitefish, Killington, La Crosse, and Tucson. She is just as happy with a leisurely ride on the bike path as a challenging ride of hills and more hills. Julie lives in Cincinnati, so she can generally be found on JDRF training rides in Greater Cincinnati. However, her daughter lives in Dayton, so she can also be found on rides there. Julie mentioned that if there is interest to join the Ride to Cure team, she can offer training rides during the day on a weekday. Julie says she has met the best people in her life through JDRF Ride to Cure, both her team members and riders from other chapters at the national ride venues, and she looks forward to adding more great friends to her life.

Keith Rust

Keith is originally from Northern Kentucky but has been living in Dallas, TX for the past 8 years.  His first ride in Whitefish, MT in 2008 marked the 25th anniversary of having Type 1 without any complications.  In 2009, he began coaching riders from the Dallas and Fort Worth Chapters and has been hooked ever since.  Nashville 2013 will be his 8th JDRF ride in 5 years. Keith has learned more about managing Type 1 Diabetes from the other riders and coaches than he ever learned in a clinical setting. He rides for the people he meets because he wants them, especially those with younger T1 children, to understand the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle – and that T1D should not limit their dreams. Keith currently is a Level 2 USA Cycling Coach and resides in Northern Kentucky area.

Carrie Wilson

2013 marks Carrie’s inaugural year with JDRF and she is very excited to be joining the team.  Last year she joined in on many of the training rides and got hooked in by the team’s camaraderie and ambition to do something great.  She will be venturing to Wisconsin for the La Crosse ride this summer.  Carrie is a teacher but has also worked in the cycling industry since 2005 and loves working/riding rides of all sorts and sizes.  She is motivated to ride with JDRF for her former and future students who have diabetes.  During the summer she can most often be found on her bike, working in the bike shop, or working on her own academic endeavors.  If you see someone smiling while riding, it’s probably Carrie. 

Local Southwest Ohio Ride Events


Stay tuned for more details!

No Pain No Gain Ride

Stay tuned for more details!

Youngs Charity Ride

Stay tuned for more details!

Kentucky Trifecta JDRF Training Ride

Stay tuned for more details!

View Jack Hughes’, a Southwest Ohio Rider, Journey with the Ride to Cure Diabetes here.

Local Ohio Sponsors

The local Southwest Ohio Ride to Cure Program could not be possible without our sponsors. Thank you for helping us Find a Cure and encouraging all of us to train for a century-ride.

The 2013 Southwest Ohio Team at the Nashville Ride

The 2010 Southwest Ohio Team at the Death Valley Ride from Greater Cincinnati

The Southwest Ohio team from Greater Dayton at Lake Whitefish

Good luck painted nails!

The Southwest Ohio team from Greater Dayton

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